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(Frohawk Two Feathers)

'You don’t see us. But, we see you. Pursuing the stragglers from the siege of Paramaribo, soldiers of the Dutch West India Company are ambushed in the jungle to devastating effect. The syncretic spider god is pleased'

The Arch is super excited to present Los Angeles-based artist, storyteller, history buff, musician, and poet Umar Rashid, also known as ‘Frohawk Two Feathers’. Creating alternative narratives on 18th century colonial history, Rashid focuses on the stories and perspectives of people of colour, who are regularly marginalized and omitted from historical records. He uses iconography based on cosmology, spirituality and religion, mixed with the visual language of contemporary urban culture, such as pop and hip hop. This particular work illustrates the fictional story of Ambroos Van Peere, a character loosely based on Abraham Van Peere (the Dutch founder of the colony of Berbice, Guyana, in 1627). Umar Rashid wryly points to the instability of public histories and confronts issues of race, power, and greed.

Umar Rashid (Frohawk Two Feathers)

You don't see us..., 2020

Acrylic and mica flake on canvas

122 x 122 cm

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