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'Traces of a Conversation I' 

The Arch is happy to present Guyanan-born artist Neil Fortune. Often using textile as his medium, the key to his work is the participation of audience. In one of his earliest exhibitions, soft cushioned mattress-shaped sculptures invited people to sit down and converse. In his newest series, these padded forms function as a canvas. Fortune initiates intense dialogue-sessions with people that he is fascinated with, on any given topic. A blank cloth, some markers and paint on the floor, are used to document the conversation by both participants. At the end, Fortune sews lines into the textile, breaking up the abstract flow of recordings into a strict structured pattern.

Neil Fortune

Traces of a Conversation I, 2020
207 x 100 cm
Textile, polyester, paint, permanent marker, spray-paint

Price: € 9000,-

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