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'Ms. Piece'  

The Arch is happy to present the New York based artist Charles Shedden. He started presenting his paintings mainly online under the enigma OWVBICS, while he was maintaining his day job. The leading subject in his work is the female form, it being one of the main subjects throughout art history. Over the years he created artworks for the albums of G-Dragon and Keith Ape, and his creative practice includes a variety of styles and media, from trading card-format miniatures, elaborate oil portraiture, surreal abstract paintings, all the way to explorations in the graphic arts, conceptual works, sculpture, and the written word. His distorted Condo-like portraits, of which we have one presented here, are made combining super smooth detailed oil paints with rough bold brushwork.

This work is part of the group exhibition curated by Sasha Bogojev 'DontGiveADamns', currently at Marian Cramer Projects.

Charles Shedden (OWVBICS)

Ms. Piece, 2020
76 x 63 x 5 cm
Oil on canvas on panel

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