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'The Seas Struggle With Winter Winds, An Evening's Romance'

The Arch is proud to present promising New York based artist Austin Eddy. Eddy's practice is currently taking off, exemplified by his impressive resume. Simplified forms, vibrant colors, and natural scenery combined with a flatness of perspective make Eddy’s work reminiscent of American folk art and early 20th century modernist abstraction. Recently, birds have become a reoccurring theme in Eddys work, used as a metaphor for the human condition. As birds represent health and good luck in American folk art, they are being reinterpreted by Eddy in both narrative and form.

Austin Eddy
The Seas Struggle With Winter Winds, An Evening's Romance, 2019
Oil, flashe, colored pencil, paper on canvas in artists frame
36 x 47,5 cm

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